Featured Design: DIANA Roman Goddess of the Moon

The piece is inspired by the mythology behind its recipient’s name, DIANA, Roman Goddess of the Moon. Unlike other fixed jewelry designs, our interchangeable pieces are both more economical, as well as more versatile as gifts for special occasions, holidays, and other celebrations. Because each set may be continuously personalized over time – simply by adding more pieces (and sometimes even trading them for new ones through our Material Metamorphosis program) – each set is as mutable and adaptive as its wearer’s imagination. Lace Exoskeleton was created to give women a sustainable, and spiritually meaningful alternative to disposable trend-based fashions – with designs that empower each woman to interactively write her very own fashion statement – without sacrificing style, novelty, options, or individuality. Unlike the majority of other modular jewelry designs available to contemporary consumers – which actually offer very limited “customization” options – our design offers personalization options that adapt ypur jewelry to fit any outfit or occasion.

The remarkable versatility and sustainability of this design stems from its ability to be broken down into smaller wearable pieces, that (much like DNA or atoms, molecules, etc.) may be infinitely recombined into novel configurations. Breaking the necklace design down into multiple interchangeable pieces – or “layers” – maximizes the number of possible combinations that can be worn. This is done everyday with clothing – though we no longer view this as a major cultural innovation.


Personalization is about both utility and aesthetic qualities – and not only are the charms and embellishments entirely interchangeable on a day to day basis – but so is the actual genre or category of jewelry itself. To illustrate, the chain base strand within the necklace design may be reconfigured as a chain anklet. The crystal insert strand in the necklace becomes a crystal bracelet. And lastly, the detachable charm may be worn on any of the three different designs – or excluded entirely if desired. Even more potential designs emerge because each charm is easily layered and stacked onto your design – giving you amazing color-matching super-power that doesn’t quit! We invite you to engage in continuous creative expression on a daily basis – satisfying this important spiritual need – while avoiding unsustainable trends that emphasize disposable products, that lose their novelty quickly and fail to engage the human desire for connection and story-telling.



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