electronics and sculpture: first post

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I’m going to be posting more ideas and experiments in the fabrication/sculpture realm here, as it may contribute to my work in this class, though they may not directly have anything electronic (but maybe later).  It’s my first term in the DCRL and I’m in constant discovery mode.

For now: my first project: (different then a week ago) cytoplasm lamp! (or cytoplasm interactive sculpture)

I am quite interested in how crazy crowded the cytoplasm of a cell is vs. how it is usually shown:


^saddest looking cell ever btw    VS


^This one doesn’t even show water.

How we depict things in science can really change how we learn about them (and dream about them).

 I took a scanning electron micrograph a while back in which I accidentally kicked off a piece of the top of a cell, revealing a dense cytoplasm.  The proteins are not tagged so you cannot tell them…

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mask: insect inspiration

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After MUCH thought I’ve abandoned visual for tactile- I will create a mask inspired by insect exoskeletons, with moveable ‘sensory hairs’ pressed against the face.   Insects are covered with numerous barbs/hairs called setae, some of which have sensory purposes.  Their exoskeleton is formed out of a resin-like protein called chitin.  When imaged with the scanning electron microscope, the exoskeleton can look as if made of opaque plastic- because of this I’ve been dying to 3D print forms inspired by electron microscopy.







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