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Chain Reactions Color Palettes ~ White Wedding

Fashion That Adapts to YOU = FADaptation

Even in seemingly unrelated fields – like architecture, engineering, chemistry, psychology and physics – a single theme remains highly consistent. Namely, across disciplines, researchers consistently realize that the most STABLE, EFFICIENT, BALANCED, HARMONIOUS, and SUSTAINABLE structures consist of both strength and flexibility. In other words, the most stable structures – as well as the most attractive, aesthetically-pleasing ones – include the perfect fusion of both male and female, yin and yang, direct and indirect elements.

Thus, the most effective and long-lasting designs combine both fixed structural elements AS WELL AS flexible joints, angles, bonds or connections. The epitome of this concept in the chain, with both strong individual links, and open space between each segment to allow movement and flexibility. With all of this in mind, shouldn’t your fashion accessories be flexible enough to adapt to you?

Some examples include:

ARCHITECTURE – A bridge is never built using one solid, continuous piece of wood, metal or concrete, but instead conssts of different segments of material, joined by an underlying infrastructure. This makes the structure more resilient to changes in temperature (freezing would otherwise crack a solid material), makes it more stable in poor weather conditions (allowing air to flow through a structure prevents it from being damaged by natural forces), and allows partial repairs to be made as needed to replace any damaged pieces.

To increase the longevity of a material, joints, or connection points are used – much like the various strand “ends” in the Chain Reactions collection – allowing the structure to adapt to changing conditions.

PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY – Atoms, molecules and larger structures rely upon a similar concept used in both bridge-building and modular design. This concept is the attraction of opposites. Althogh it may be interpreted through a variety of different metaphors, the familiar pairing of male and female is used to describe the complementary parts of many structures and patterns.

Whether describing positive and negative charges – or referring to an electrical circuit – the same two yin and yang elements emerge.

In modular designs, the number of interchangeable “male” and “female” (or positive and negative) connection points is increased. A normal jewelry piece tends to have one configuration, and thus, one matching set of male and female connection points. A modular jewelry piece is broken into smaller segments, much like the bridge discussed above, rendering the design more flexible.

Almost all tools, machines, and inventions include both male and female parts. In modular jewelry, the clasp and hoop/loop/ring it connects to form a secure connection.

BIOLOGY – The human body is full of structures that epitomize the yin/yang pairing. Consider how your bones, tendons, muscles and skin combine to form a complex combination of rigid structures, moveable joints and flexible connections.

Body decorations is just another form of “skin” that we wear on a daily basis. Consider how adaptive fashion can be – especially if it is flexible enough to enhance your personal growth over time. Fashion should be adaptive and social – a part of your spiritual and creative life that enhances your value as a person. Fashion should not feel like a burden, nor consume more resources than you can afford.

PSYCHOLOGY – Lack of mental flexibility – that is, the inability, or lack of desire to pursue new paths when old ones have ceased to function properly – is thought to be one of the reasons people become depressed. Ridgid thinking – if overcome through self-discovery, support from friends and family, and ample relaxation – is followed by creativity, problem-solving, and the pursuit of new paths. As part of a natural cycle of destruction and renewal, even “pathological” mental states can have underlying function.

The modular jewelry created by Lace Exoskeleton is intended to increase this type of creative problem-solving by offfering an interactive product that – like all humans – is infinitely adaptable. By playing informally with transformations, individuals gain mastery over the concept of identity as a construction. Because our jewelry pieces can change over time, they do not create a ridgid, fixed path that is associated with feeling “stuck.” Although it may appear that jewelry and fashion have little to do with mental health and well being, the fashion industry as it currently stands offers very little in terms of long term individual benefit and happiness. Because consumer products are designed to produce a “high” or “buzz” that quickly wears off – and is obsolete before you even had a chance to wear your new purchases – it leads us feeling stuck very quickly, and craving even more possibilities. This is an issue, considering we are living above our means, and practicing self-expression in a way that is unsustainable and detrimental to our own sense of self-worth.

Modular design gives you back the authority to alter, change, play and imagine your own ideal reality. Choose your own path – and rewrite it as needed to reflect your own neverending story. When you have the power to build your own lace exoskeleton, you no longer need brands to rely on branding to tell it for you. What you create is yours – no one else will wear it, build it, and rebuild it like you will.