Introduction to Color Matching: How to Adapt Your Exoskeleton to Match ANY Outfit!

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Color Matching: How to Adapt Your Exoskeleton to Match ANY Outfit!

  1. To give you the best step-by-step tutorials, modular building directions, and easy to follow design ideas, many Lace Exoskeleton blog posts include a scroll-over photo gallery. To view the text corresponding to each image, scroll over each picture, one at a time (or view as a slideshow). This allows you to choose the format that works best for you – whether you are a visual learner, or someone who requires detailed verbal explanations. Along with our upcoming series of video tutorials, you can use the images, text, and videos as a guide for creating and even submitting your own modular design ideas.


  2. This necklace was created using the following modular elements:
    (1) 10″ asymmetrical chain base strand – pink enameled brass with Swarovski crystal accent heart clasp; available in following base set color themes: cupcake & glamour, as well as by itself in our “chain strands” section (10″ enamelled brass anklet/necklace base strand).
    (2) Swarovski crystal “truly in love” heart pendant in lilac shadow (corresponds with “orchid” color palette/theme, under our “themed” pendant/charm sets).
    (3) Swarovski crystal accent butterfly charm (gold, crystal AB); available in our collection of mixed media charm sets.
    (4) Two Swarovski crystal beaded droplet charms (orchid color palette), available as part of the orchid color palette, or in a set of 6 droplets in our “charm sets” section.
    (5) 8″ bold crystal beaded insert strand (orchid color palette); available in both the deluxe and bold “orchid” base sets.
    (6) Heart tab chain extender/hook up clasp, available in the “clasps” section of our sstore.


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